Exercises For Cellulite: 8 Activities To Quell It!

what is celluliteCellulite bothers many women. The problem is a histological alteration that occurs in the subcutaneous tissue, with the increase of the fatty tissue under the skin, and can reach the stage of fibrosis, becoming even irreversible.

Among the most common causes of cellulite are genetic factors; Contraceptive intake or hormone replacement, because estrogen and progesterone worsen fluid retention and cause swelling; Poor blood circulation, which leaves toxins and body fat trapped in cells; And poor diet and lack of physical exercise, as the sedentary lifestyle causes the localized fat to accumulate and cellulite appears.

Types of Cellulite

Nine out of ten women have the problem, either in the milder form or in the advanced stage, where the depressions and protrusions are pronounced. The mildest type is cellulite in grade 1, which happens when there is apparently nothing and you can only see it if you tighten the skin.

Grade 2 is when there are few visible holes. In grade 3 cellulite is already more visible and deeper. The most serious is grade 4, when there is a lot of cellulite on display and sometimes it can happen to the skin to hurt or to appear lumps.

The personal trainer Milena Nogueira says that practicing physical activities can improve or even end the cellulite for once.

Exercises to End Cellulite

Hiking, running and cycling

They are aerobic activities that stimulate circulation and burn calories, so that the fat cells do not overlap each other.

Swimming and water aerobics

The movements in the water can act as a kind of drainage, which acts on the retention of fluids, reducing swelling.

Yoga and Pilates

These modalities lengthen the musculature in a deep way. Thus, the fibrous septa that pull down the skin loosen as they are inserted into the fascia, the membrane that lines the muscle.

Keeps metabolism on the rise and exchange fat mass for lean.

The test helps you find out if you really know how to stop cellulite:

Cellulitis is characterized by several “holes” that appear on the skin on various parts of the body, affecting mainly the legs and butt. It is caused by the accumulation of fat and also by the accumulation of liquids in these regions.
But although cellulite is related to several factors, there are several effective treatments that can attenuate or even eliminate cellulite completely.

Check out our 6 tips to combat cellulite:

1. Weight Loss

As cellulite is fat, excess weight can contribute heavily to the problem. Just lose a few pounds to eliminate much of the cellulite. The ideal is to exercise 1 hour a day, 4 to 5 times a week and decrease your calorie intake.
Here are some exercises you can do at home: 3 simple exercises to get rid of cellulite and to do at home and lose belly.

2. Have a balanced diet

A healthy diet helps the body to regain its biochemical balance, creating an environment less favorable to the development of cellulite. The cellulite diet should contain healthy foods to get rid of cellulite like fruits and vegetables, reducing the consumption of high fat foods.
A good tip is to always read the food labels before you buy. Here’s how to feed in the following video:

3. Decrease salt intake

This is recommended because it increases the retention of fluids that are closely linked to cellulite. A good strategy is to add salt at the end of the meal preparation and increase the amount of herbs such as thyme, oregano and basil, for example. Another good solution is not to put salt in the salads, a good seasoning for salads is the lemon mixture with olive oil.

4. Combat constipation

Because people who suffer from constipation are more likely to develop cellulite, because the intestine does not work properly, accumulating toxins that favor cellulite. Therefore, fiber intake should be increased, food should be well chewed and snacks at night should be avoided.
See examples of fiber-rich foods to improve bowel function.

5. Improve blood circulation

This is a key tip to eliminate cellulite. To improve blood circulation it is recommended to practice daily or regular physical exercises that make the shirt sweat.
To open the blood vessels of the skin and maintain the body’s impurities removal system, you need to drink plenty of water, get away from the salt, reduce the consumption of coffee and cigarettes and exfoliate the skin to improve circulation.

6. Aesthetic treatments

Cellulite Treatment such as anti-cellulite massage, velashape, lipocavitation or radiofrequency, for example, are great extra help to combat localized fat and cellulite. These treatments can be performed 1 to 2 times a week for unlimited time.
See the best treatments according to your degree of cellulite in: Treatment for cellulite.

By following these tips it is possible to decrease cellulite and prevent the appearance of new fat lumps, but these tips should be followed daily as a new lifestyle because even after the elimination of cellulite, the woman may be affected again by it.

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